Testimonials for the 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Our Students Say It Best...

"The RYT500 program rocked my little yoga world! The program & teachers turned it upside down and inside out in the most fabulous ways! Jenny challenged me and all the students to let go of the safety net of dogma and rules and really see and think for myself. Top teachers present alternatives, concepts, and philosophies from many different disciplines. Then I get to "chew on it" and come to my own conclusions. It is so much more than asana! I will never look at the human body in the same way. Not only have I grown as a teacher and a yogini, I have grown as a person. I am taking these learnings and a renewed sense of wonder to all aspects of my life. If you want to grow, then this program is a must-do! Thanks Jenny --- from one of your forever grateful 'kids'!"
— Dawn Shay, Certified BBY Teacher

"A fellow teacher and I registered for only the first session of Jenny's 7th Annual Yoga Therapy Training because of the 2-hour drive to her studio. After just a short time into the training, we made a decision and at the break made a beeline for the desk to register for the entire course. When we came back the second weekend, I noticed a student with a big black binder on his mat and when I asked him about it he told me he was also in her 500 Hour training. At the break, my friend and I made a beeline to the desk to register for the 500 Hour as well. Jenny will teach you about the anatomy of yoga asana at a level not found in any anatomy book that I had ever studied. She gives her students the ability to begin to understand what is occurring in the pose from the viewpoint of the most inner muscles, fascia and connective tissue. Your students will definitely notice your increased confidence in teaching and you will observe them take their poses with increased awareness because of the precision of your cues. You will also learn the true meaning of generosity from any training with Jenny. She is generous with her smile, her sense of humor and in sharing her extensive knowledge. She will also share with you the very best teachers she has met on her yoga journey. You will emerge with a more profound love for the human body, the sacred practice of yoga and the spirit that connects us all. Namaste. ... P.S. (Jenny, Eternal gratitude for everything!)"
— Debbie Galla

"I am the friend Debbie Galla talks about in her testimonial. And she is so right; we were blown away by the end of the first morning of therapy training. We immediately signed up for all the therapy weekends and couldn't keep ourselves away from the 500 hour training. Jenny is such a fantastic teacher on so many different levels. She is so organized, with clear class plans that walk you through each concept she is presenting. Then there is hands on learning reinforcing those concepts. I know her style of teaching really helps me learn the material, but more importantly be confident to apply what I have learned almost immediately in my teaching. My students loved when I came back from a training weekend! And now that I have moved to Santa Fe, I have a whole new group of students LOVING the tennis ball, foot exercises, etc. They feel good when they leave my yoga class. Isn't that what yoga is about? My thanks to Jenny. Namaste."
— Patti Zolnick, Certified BBY Teacher

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(The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on founder Jenny Otto's work and studies with master teachers, osteopaths, chiropractors, structural integrators, Rolfers, dancers and movement educators;
not derived from our status as an RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.)