Testimonials for Yoga Classes

Our Students Say It Best...

"You are the GO-TO yogini in Annapolis."
— Stan Andrzejewski, Greater Baltimore Yoga

"Jenny is an excellent teacher of yoga and yoga therapeutics. She is highly qualified, having studied with the top teachers in the field. Jenny conveys the material in an interesting and exceptionally clear manner, and is always concerned about the well-being of her students."
— Suzie Hurley, Willow Street Yoga Center

"Body Balance Yoga is hands down the best yoga studio in Annapolis. I've taken classes from Jenny for years and because of her knowledge of yoga therapeutics, I am more pain-free than I've ever been. Everyone there is top-notch. I wouldn't go anywhere else for yoga classes."
— Jan Gary

"Best yoga teacher ever!!! Jenny Otto and staff!!!"
— G. Basile, LMT

"Jenny's knowledge of the body - both on the more mechanical and subtle or energetic levels — is nothing short of outstanding! Her dedication to study and deepening her knowledge and understanding of the body has led her to pursue study with the top experts in their fields all over the world! Jenny is very skillful in blending basic principles from many disciplines when working with a client. Thus, she is able to provide those she works with — with a unique template of exercises and poses which targets their individual issue Jenny is gifted, skillful, and creative in how she listens to her student or client's body and she is able to keenly observe and note what must be addressed in terms of mis-alignments on the physical and energetic levels. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny for her expert knowledge and therapeutic presence!"
—Dr. Olga R. Rasmussen, D Min

"I am inspired by you, Jenny! Thank you for being you."
— Julie Olson

"I have practiced yoga for eight years with Jenny as my primary instructor. I walk through life much more easily now at 63 than I did at 50 and I can attribute that to Jenny's teaching. She is very creative and class is never ever dull! I highly encourage everyone I meet to try yoga in general and Jenny's classes specifically!"
— Betsy Wilcox

"I just thought of you recently because I picked up a translation of Rumi, and opened it right to the page that said, 'Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground.' I was reminded instantly of you chanting this during savasana, so beautiful. I haven’t found any yoga teachers down here that even come close to you, I was quite spoiled by you."
— Nicole D.

"Working with Jenny has truly made a difference in my progress toward alignment, strength and flexibility. She brings generosity and creativity to the experience every week."
— Cindy Hackett

"Jenny is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner and teacher. Jenny is sensitive and compassionate in her approach to both individuals and groups and has an insatiable appetite for information and training that will afford her greater opportunities to be in service to her client's and her craft."
— Rich Goodstein

After an Assymetrical Biomechanics Training Jenny attended: “Jenny, your new inspiration in classes this week have been phenomenal, definitely helped re-boot my walking. So much more freedom in my hips! Many thanks, Jenny. And congratulations on yet another milestone of learning and assimilating."
— Roberta M.

"Jenny is the ultimate Yoga instructor. She is highly skilled and extremely compassionate about her work. It is more than a career. It is her life and truly cares about her students."
— Jill Weissenbach

“Jenny Otto’s ability to invent physical/educational/compassionate poses to convey insights and healing to students is magical and effective.”
— Sue B.

"Jenny is such a fantastic teacher on so many different levels. She is so organized, with clear class plans that walk you through each concept she is presenting.
— Patti Zolnick, Certified BBY Teacher

“Jenny Otto’s teaching has changed my practice and I appreciate the way that she truly embodies satya.”
— Mary P.

“We have so much enjoyed working with you over these past few years. Not only are you an excellent teacher but you have great integrity.”
— Lynne and John E.

“Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life – I am so blessed to have you in my world! I have learned so much from you that I carry into my life and my teaching and hope to continue to learn from you as time passes on.”
— Brookelin G.

"I could not wait until next week to let you how much better my shoulder feels today! So you probably knew it would be better… but I have to admit I was sure that it was joint problems so I was skeptical that it could feel so much better. Wow!! I am really amazed!!"
— Carole Teolis

"I just want to let you know that my body hasn't felt this good in years. I have been working with the ball and dowel, doing most of what we covered in the workshops and it is almost two weeks and my left hip and ankle feel great. The hip adjustment you gave me is unlike any other I have received and I want to thank you for giving me this new found freedom in my body. I have brought the ball and dowel work into some of my classes and the students, while a little resistant at first, have all found the benefit of opening the web of fascia. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!"
— Denise Roche Rounds

“Jenny’s love for and commitment to her own practice shows in her teaching and serves as a model for me, her deep and precise knowledge of the body and how it plays out in the poses, her passion for sharing all this through her teaching, the great joy and lightness of heart that she brings to each class, and the way she appreciates each of us in our differences and help us accept and love ourselves. And these are just the things that come immediately to mind!”
— Ellen C.

"Jenny knows the workings of the body like no one I've ever met. Her knowledge and continued desire to educate and share all that she knows is inspiring. You are in capable and compassionate hands with Jenny."
— Mary Jayne Raleigh

"Many yoga classes (especially those at the gyms) are geared towards getting through poses, rather than doing them right - such as using your muscles rather than your joints. Plus, I think there are more people out there with hip flexor issues that aren't accommodated in the classes and often end up with injuries. There are very few really good yoga instructors out there - though Jenny Otto and her Body Balance Yoga practice in Annapolis focuses on the right things. Just by doing the pose properly can make it VERY challenging."
— Karen Anderson

"You have certainly been my most inspiring and thought-provoking teacher. Thank you for your expertise and passion."
— Kristi S.

"Jenny, You have always modeled seeking your own truth. I have always admired your courage and creativity. Dang I wish you lived closer so I could study with you more often!!"
— Jackie Prete

"Body Balance Yoga is one of the absolute best yoga educational progams I have ever attended. Jenny is over the top knowledgable, fun, approachable, and a master teacher!!!"
— Shannon Burbridge

"Jenny is an extraordinary yoga teacher, especially in the area of therapeutics. She is on a constant quest for new knowledge and openly shares this with her yoga students and fellow teachers. She is the ultimate professional and all of her workshops are packed with valuable information and tools. Her yoga classes are a delight; she inspires you and leaves you feeling uplifted!"
— Dawn Shay, Certified BBY Teacher

"Jenny is a fabulous yoga instructor, with an expert knowledge of anatomy. She teaches at a high level of competency, but always kindly to those of us who are just novices. She is patient, explains the process for getting into and out of poses, and how they will help us in our daily lives. She has a good sense of humour and fun too, so her classes are always enjoyable."
— Deb Bancroft

"I set out my mat this morning, humming the healing mantra you taught us (why is that third line so elusive?), and put on the CD of the Dalia Lama chanting. I haven't known what he was chanting - the only word I could really make out was 'aum' — so I was astonished to discover that he was speaking the sounds of this healing mantra and it was incredible how fast my energy shifted."
— Jenny C.

"Jenny has been my Yoga teacher for 11 years, and my Wednesday evenings would not be the same without her. She is truly the best in the area and her knowledge of the body and how it works is beyond impressive. Through Jenny, I have developed a love for yoga and practice it daily."
— Kelly Natale

"I don't say thank you often enough to you for your classes. Today's class was way better than a session with the chiropractor. Which is where I'm heading again if I don't keep up the yoga and qigong. Many thanks for the years of classes and your ongoing good cheer and inquiring mind which continually renews your classes and keeps us old creaky bodies straight."
— Judy B.

"I'm thinking about you and appreciating how much I receive from you in a number of ways. There is your love for and commitment to your own practice that shows in your teaching and serves as a model for me, your deep and precise knowledge of the body and how it plays out in the poses, the great joy, passion and lightness of heart that you bring to each class."
— Ellen C.

"I feel like I have my old teacher back from the AYC (Annapolis Yoga Center) studio. You are happier and more relaxed. You are still as creative as you have always been. Thank you for being my teacher for the last 9 years."
— Joanne S.

"This new studio (Balanced Life Skills) is amazing, the energy is so clear, the floor fantastic and you seem more relaxed. I am so happy for you."
— Linda G.

“I love learning with you and am thrilled that you’re in the new place (Balanced Life Skills). It’s nice to be wanted, appreciated and welcome. Looking forward to another great year in Annapolis.”
— Ingrid B.

“Jenny is a truly gifted and inspired teacher. So grateful to have studied with her!”
— Anna, First Thought Yoga

"Can finally fasten my seatbelt without pain due to Jenny Otto yoga therapist, body worker and teacher trainer."
— Rosemarie Lyle

Body Balance Yoga - School of Yoga Therapy   //   203 Ridgely Avenue   //   Annapolis, Maryland 21401, USA
Phone: 301.717.9729   //   Email: info@bodybalanceyoga.com

(The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on founder Jenny Otto's work and studies with master teachers, osteopaths, chiropractors, structural integrators, Rolfers, dancers and movement educators;
not derived from our status as an RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.)