Testimonials for Yoga Therapy Workshops

Our Students Say It Best...

"I only did one therapy weekend with you, but it has impacted my teaching for years!!"
— Amy Reed

“Jenny's enthusiasm for the human body makes anatomy both accessible and fun! In Jenny's Yoga Therapy Training Program I gained an understanding of both proper alignment and misalignment. I learned how to observe, test and gently realign my own body as well as my clients. You can't help but catch Jenny's enthusiasm and can't wait to help others to feel better using the techniques she creates and teaches.”
—Mary Van Beuren

“I took a workshop with you in New York. I am still processing all of the information that you shared with us and I must tell you I have not stopped using so many of the things you offered that weekend. I really can’t say enough how much I appreciated your approach and commitment.”
— Jonathan G.

"Thank you for an AMAZING and truly transformative workshop at Oasis on Saturday (the Anatomy of Breath). As a yoga teacher, I had thought I had gone deeply into my physical and emotional layers but, until your workshop, I have never felt such release, freedom and inner stillness. I plan to implement your tools into my own practice and share it whenever possible. Looking forward to your next visit to Cleveland!"
— Deb Bradt

"Jenny, I loved your workshop and creative ideas to help us align but the motorcycling tips were just what I needed. My husband and I went riding Sunday and everything you suggested worked like a charm. My husband had no back pain and neither did I. Thank you so much for the added bonus. Ride safe and see you next time."
— Molly K.

"Jenny was fun and knowledgeable as she taught us some powerful tools to integrate into our practices and teachings. My students and I love it!"
— Nancy Jackson-Reno

"Jenny's therapy training was full of insights that helped make sense of years of studying the body. It was presented clearly with many practical applications for my clients and self care techniques for me. Jenny has a lot of heart. Well worth the time and commitment!!"
— Dyan Murphy, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have taken classes with Jenny as her student and in 2010 took her Body Balance Yoga therapeutics training. It was invaluable. Her knowledge and understanding are extensive and her ability to communicate what she knows as a teacher is beyond effective. She is an example of not only what she teaches but how she teaches: care of her students well-being, her ability to connect with each student where they are and her insight into the body/mind and all its intricacies made the time in the training a fantastic experience. Therapeutics in yoga is vast. She covers so many special conditions and gave me a great foundation for my own teaching. I wish I could take her training over and over again. She is an avid student and is always bringing what she learns to her students. I have apprenticed with Jenny as well and have seen how she works with her students in a classroom. She is both mindful and sensitive. Her hands are magic and able to feel what to many of us is a mystery. I have, since her training, begun teaching therapeutics. I have two classes now and they are my favorite classes to teach as the students are always fun and curious and interested in working as hard as they can. Pain is a great teacher. The training was well-organized, thorough, and gave me details and information I continue to return to in my teaching. If you have the opportunity, or are curious about therapeutics at all, you will not be disappointed. I cannot say enough. Om Shanti."
— Edith Lazenby

"This program exceeded my expectations... I gained a much more refined understanding of the body as an integrated living organism, and how to offer effective therapeutic exercises that address specific issues... Jenny’s enthusiasm for her subject is contagious... My own practice and teaching have been enormously inspired by this program."
— Jeanne Ann Whittington, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have been working and training with Jenny for over 10 years. Her innovative techniques and constant quest for knowledge make her an inspiration for myself, as well as, other students and teachers. The knowledge I have gained from Jenny has brought a level of health and wellness to myself and my students that never would have been possible without her. She is A #1 in my book."
— Maria Doherty, Certified BBY Teacher

"I have been studying with Jenny Otto for over 6 years. Jenny educates and engages from a place of strength and understanding, humor and compassion. She willingly steps into the roll of student to learn and grow, and in doing so becomes an ever greater and wiser teacher. She draws on the beauty and breadth of yoga to gift you her student with wonder and a deep appreciation of the history and science of yoga. I know I will leave each class of Jenny’s with new strategies, exercises and routines that work for me and my students. I start using them right away in my classes. My students love the “Jenny-isms” I bring to my classes. My binders from Jenny Otto’s classes are dog eared from repeated use. They are my antidote to teaching burn out. Jenny is a living example of the healing power of her practice. Jenny connects to each member of her class, honoring the beauty and inviting deeper acceptance and truer expression. Her teachings brought me to a place of balance, healing and peace with my body. Jenny’s experience, will and playfulness exhort the best from her students. Jenny inspires me in my quest to help me and my students heal and grow on their yogic path. Studying with Jenny will light the way for you to infuse excellence, laughter and love into your practice and teaching."
— Mary Sullivan, Certified BBY Teacher

"Jenny’s Therapy Training has given me the insight to know not only how to do certain poses but also WHY. Jenny has an incredible knowledge about the mechanics of the body and how to apply that knowledge to yoga. Every time I teach, I draw from the know how I gained in this training. It’s an absolute must for anybody who wants to bring his asana to the next level, no matter if you are a teacher or a student who wants to improve his practice."
— Hans Merkl

"I moved from being afraid to touch — to being able to touch with grace and sensitivity; from not knowing where to touch — to being able to visualize the body and where I need to connect; from being nervous about my hands on another person’s body — to being sensitive with my touch and knowledge; from not knowing how to relieve someone’s pain or discomfort — to seeing and sensing how I could assist. Since traveling this path with Jenny, I went from watching my students walk into class — to really seeing my students walk into class."
— Karen Paramore

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(The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on founder Jenny Otto's work and studies with master teachers, osteopaths, chiropractors, structural integrators, Rolfers, dancers and movement educators;
not derived from our status as an RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.)